Bill 13 Rally

On Thursday March 29, 2012, parents from various backgrounds united in a rally to protest Bill 13. The crowd, which was reported to be approximately 2,000 people in size, made their voices heard. During the rally, Ontario MPPs were inside Queens Park were debating
Bill 14, which is the conservative anti-bullying bill that does not include a homosexual agenda. The MPPs could hear the shouts of “Stop Bill 13!” from the protest going out
outside their doors.


The participants in the rally, who were at Queens Park for over an hour, were pleading with Ontario MPPs to vote against Bill 13 as they felt it would infringe on their religious freedom
by forcing them to support GSA clubs in Catholic schools. This bill would also cause all organizations that rent school facilities, churches included, to comply with the bill in promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

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