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In 2010, The McGuinty government introduced a new Sexual Education curriculum that taught children as young as 3 years old that they could be one of any 6 genders, and also began teaching young children about masturbation and oral sex. This curriculum received massive opposition and was withdrawn after 2 days. Ontario’s new Premier Kathleen Wynne was the Minister of Education from 2006-2010, and now as Premier wants to bring this curriculum back.


The Both/And curriculum is a document that aims to teach children beginning in kindergarten that they aren’t necessarily one gender or another, but rather they could by any single gender or a mixture of genders. The goal of this curriculum is to have children question their gender starting in kindergarten.


School Board advises children to sexually experiment by inserting vegetables up each others rear end.

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School boards


School boards have put out a curriculum that encourages children to question their gender identity by telling them they may not be the same gender as their anatomy TDSB Equity Inclusive Curriculum – See Page 10 .pdf”




School boards are putting up posters that will confuse children by showing boys cross-dress, and telling kids that love has no gender.

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School boards are confusing children with six gender teaching.



School boards are targeting kindergarten children with six gender teaching.


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